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Max Drift Is A Package Of Extreme Action Packed Gameplay.
Get the Best Car Drifting Simulator Experience On The Google Play Store. With More Than 10 Cars And Tracks You’re Ready To Feel The Heat!

- Crazy Drift Action With Beautiful Race Tracks
- Crazy Car Fun With Awesome Physics
- Rub The Tyres On The Asphalt ,
- Crazy Car Racing ,
- 1 Minute Challenge
- Awesome EDM Music To Suit Your Crazy Game Mechanisms
- Crazy Car Actions Is What You Should Expect From This Game.

Max Drift Primarily Focuses On A Great Drift Simulation.
So It Back And Enjoy The Drift Mechanisms.

Best Car Drift Racing Experience Growing With The Flow!
Best Racing Experience!
Best Drift Simulation!
Best Drift Racing Simulator!
Awesome Drift Action !
Rub The Tires On The Asphalt And Collect Points To Victory!
Best Controls With The Best Drift Simulation!

The Graphics And Physics Are Really A Polishing To This Drift Simulator.
Play With Gorgeous Muscle Cars!
Enjoy The Best Drift Racing Action Available On Google Play Store!
Enjoy The Exteriors Of Muscle Cars!
Purchase And Drift With Muscle Cars!
Gorgeous Drift Racing Experience On Your Finger Tips!
Love The Drifts In Replay Mode!
Take Screenshots And Share It With Your Friends!
Best Racing And Drift Experience 
Car Drift Racing !
We Organised A Bunch Of Forums Reviews Before Releasing This Drift Simulator.

Awesome Drift Physics With a Great Drift Simulator.
Great Locations And Awesome Controls

Real Drift Racing Simulator ,
Simulation On Another Level 
Expect The Best Drift Racing Experience!
Best Cars With Exotic Tracks!
Rub The Tyre On The Asphalt
Awesome Drift Racing Experience!
Keep The Throttle Running!
Brake And Voila!
An Awesome Drift!

Keep It Simple And Cool ,
The Best Muscle Cars On Google Play Store!
Show Your Drift Skills!
Watch Your Skill In The Replay Mode!
Enjoy The Beautiful Scenes!

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